Where Can I Buy Books near Grand Rapids, MI?

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Best Bookstores to Visit near Grand Rapids, MI

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many people started new hobbies or got back into old hobbies. One hobby that many people found they finally had more time for was reading. If you are someone who enjoyed being able to read more, you might have read through your entire collection. You might be wondering where you can go to replenish your home library. Today, we are sharing what we think are the best bookstores to visit near Grand Rapids, MI. Keep reading to pick out your favorite!

Schuler Books

Website: https://www.schulerbooks.com/

Location: 2660 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI & 1982 Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI

Back in 1982, Bill and Cecile Fehsenfeld opened the first Schuler Books store. This married couple enjoyed reading and community and wanted to share their passion with the citizens of Grand Rapids. Their business has grown to include music, DVDs, gift items, and a full-service gourmet café. You can shop in-store or online.

Books & Mortar

Website: https://www.booksandmortar.com/

Location: 955 Cherry Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI

This independent bookstore has been providing books to the Grand Rapids area since 2016. Every year, they host a reading challenge to help you discover new books and stick to your reading goals. This challenge will reward you with a $10 gift card to the store. They are offering delivery for those who don’t feel comfortable shopping at the store in-person.

Argos Book Shop

Website: https://www.argosbooks.com/

Location: 1405 Robinson Road SE, Grand Rapids, MI

For over 30 years, this bookstore has been selling used books and providing excellent customer service. Some books even go as low as $0.50. Their stock includes fiction, non-fiction, yearbooks, magazines, comic books, and much more. Both students and educators will enjoy a 10-percent discount when they shop here.

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